EMIR- Biggest Musical Movie in the Philippines

The biggest Musical movie in Philippine history will be showing on June 9, Wednesday. Directed by Chito Rono, Emir is certainly a great contribution to Philippine Cinema.

Emir is a full-feature Filipino movie musical set in a fictional emirate in the Middle East with 70% of principal photography shot in Morocco. It tells the story of a Filipina yaya (nanny), Amelia, who decides to work abroad to help her family. She takes care of the Sheik’s wife who is about to give birth, and later acts as the yaya to the newly born – Ahmed, the Sheik’s eldest son.

Amelia sees Ahmed growing up, rearing him, and in the process, introducing the young boy to the culture, values, and language of the Philippines. A war ensues and an evacuation of the royal family is ordered, but it is too late. In the ensuing turmoil, Amelia saves Ahmed and escapes to the desert. They become separated and Amelia is forced to go back to the Philippines, unappreciated for the heroism she had done.

The movie “Emir” features 22 songs composed by Gary Granada, Vin and Ebe Dancel, and Diwa de Leon, with additional lyrics by Rody Vera, and Palanca winner Jerry Gracio, who is also the screenwriter.

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