My Binondo Girl OST Ako’y Sa ‘Yo Lamang by Xian Lim

We’ve been hearing that mellow background music each time we see a romantic scene between Kim Chiu and Xian Lim in My Binondo Girl. It’s entitled Ako’y Sa ‘Yo Lamang, a song personally written and performed by Xian himself.

I’m sure their fans would play and share the music video over and over again. I think it was only released last night. I kinda don’t like the video as it only show Xian singing to the camera while walking along the baywalk. But he’s just so cute, you would not mind how simple the video is and how sappy he sounds.

Xian shared that he did the song to show his appreciation to his leading lady and rumored apple of the eye, Kim. The Kapamilya actor said it was also to show respect to Kim and for her to know how much she’s worth and for Xian, she’s worth everything.

It seems that Xian is really smitten by Kim’s charming image. Could there be real life romance brewing between Kim Chiu and Xian Lim? Here’s what we think.

I tried searching for Ako’y Sa ‘Yo Lamang lyrics but failed to see one. Just play this video over and over so you’d get to memorize the lines.

This is not the original video. It’s a recorded copy uploaded by teamkimxi on YouTube. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “My Binondo Girl OST Ako’y Sa ‘Yo Lamang by Xian Lim”
  1. Ofcourse im is in the air,and happy for kim coz she found sum 1 hu really value her and knows shes worth everything unlike sum other guy hu take her 4 granted. For sure i dont need to mention any name here right?im also smitten with this girl,who doesnt like her?for me shes the definition of perfect.the type of girl who u should bring home and introduce to your parents sum 1 you should be proud and the for keeps and marrying type.seeing her cry on tv make me wanna throw gerald off the cliff. Shes worth everything.

  2. cymer abe says:

    i also love Kim’s movie she’s fun cute there’s a lyrics of xian’s song ako’y sa iyo lamang search it at YOU TUBE

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